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Ibrahim Diallo

January 2018

Don't stop working

Don't stop working

The more I focus on one project, the more I find it appealing to start this cool new thing in the back in my head. The further I get into the technical details of this difficult task I am working on, the easier the other idea in the back of my mind seems.

Personal Responsibility in 2018

Personal Responsibility in 2018

I'm not one to make resolutions every new year, but I often find myself asking others about their new goals for the year. Every year, I send wishes for fortune, success, or just a better life without putting much weight behind it. It is a courtesy or just the standard holiday greeting. But if there is one thing I want to wish to others and myself and actually mean it, it will be to make this year a year of personal responsibility.

JS Tip of the day

How to get an element position on the page

This used to be a painful thing to find on the page. Well it wasn't but almost everyone suggested you use a hacky way to find the correct position of an element…