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What do you do when you suck at everything?

It was a Monday morning. I walked to school as usual with my confidence up to the roof. I never bothered getting breakfast because I can see my house from the schoolyard and sneaking out was an option during lunch time. It was on this day that Miss Flo decided to gather her students in a circle. When she stood behind each one of us, our job was to show our talent. Some whistled, some did animal sounds, some did back flips, some sang, everyone had a talent of some sort.


Failing often, making mistakes, struggling, hustling, this is the recipe to build character and success. That's what we hear on the receiving side of the podium.

Feedback is the new black

The computer is a controlled environment. None of its parts is sparingly built. For every device attached to it, there is a team that tirelessly worked to bring to life. The programmers spend the better part of their day building software that, to the best of their knowledge, will never fail. But just in case they fail or don't go as planned, the same programmers **throw errors** to know exactly what went wrong.

Open source is not a charity

It is tempting to think that the reason open source software works, is because it is free. Linux, Apache, Nginx, android are all open source software and they make the world go around. It helps that they cost nothing to get, but the reason they are so successful is because they are amazing pieces of software.

We complain, but programming is still fun

I went to re-read the stuff I write on this blog and yes, I tend to lean toward the negative side of things. The world of programming is complicated, it is stressful, it can be depressing, but it is also the best industry to be in.

The secret is, there is no secret

The secret to lose 10 pounds in a week, the secret to be more productive, the secret to appear on Google's first page, the secret to become a millionaire. I used to read those, but now they seem more like a cheap attempt to make money off of desperate people. On the web, spam site took those books and refurbished them into click bait articles who exist for the sole purpose of generating more page views and ad impressions.

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Are you new to JavaScript?

JavaScript can be a little bit challenging at first. There are a few things that once mastered will make your journey smoother. These are the little things that I want to explain to you here. I make the frustrating things as friendly as possible so you don't have to stress over it.


Every little corner has a story. Sometimes a camera tells the story and a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are professional photographers and then there is me who happens to have a camera on my phone. Here's to what came out.