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It's easy to be impressed by a programming language and start bashing others. Beginners look for those "hello word" tutorials and seasoned developers read blog post or documentations to learn more about them. The choice may start by looking for a language that offers to do the most with less code. Sometimes benchmarks are used to determine which is the fastest, but it is rarely what makes you take a decision. The winner is almost always the language that looks more like the ones you are familiar with.

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Can't let them fire me. These are the words that uttered every time an employee doesn't get along with an employer. I've seen it happen many times and the employee always has the idea that he has the upper hand.

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There is something about giving an ETA that I hate. As programmer I want to say I never ever gave an ETA that was remotely accurate. In my experience an ETA is the nice way for a manager to give you a dead line. Countless times I have pulled numbers out of thin air only for the manager to suggest a different number (Well if you had a date in mind why do you waste my time). To me ETA is acronym to Estimated Time of Arrival. If we are talking, I have already arrived, don't ask me about it.

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This post is here for the sole purpose that writing is hard. It takes a while to write. Writing in haste produce long incoherent sentences that, if luck strikes, may produce a beautiful piece that communicates an idea.

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If you talk to any programmer they will tell you how a particular tool, programming language, OS, sucks and that X is the best. if you talk to any programmer they will tell you how the code they currently work on sucks, if they had written it in Node.js it would have been much better.

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The process to get a job today is straight forward. You start by browsing job boards and look for the perfect fit. You find a nice company that is looking for those exact skills you have and some trivial ones no one has (5 years experience with chipmunk.js). You write a cover letter catered to this specific company, you attach your resume and send it. Hopefully your application ends up in the hand of someone in human resources and you get a call.

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I want to do so many things yet everyday I come up with a new excuse why shouldn't. When I think about those excuses after the fact, they are ridiculous and I am filled with regret. There is plenty of time in a day to do all my little tasks. So today I want to permanently write them down so I can indefinitely label them as non sense.

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If there is one thing I learned from obsessing over Stack Overflow, it's how to find solutions. Soon I will have answered over 900 questions and this number will keep going up. This is not to say it is a lot, many users have much more quality answers. But If you have done anything over a 1000 times then you had the chance to screw up a lot. Screwing up is synonym to getting experience here.

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When I started working as a web developer, there was no longer a need to use the hacks from the 90s to make your website work. The marquee and blink tags where already dead. I could still see some old blogs referencing document.layers but they were on their way out. But still when I started, I had to worry very much about writing cross browser code.

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It is a common practice for developers to silence errors when developing with PHP. Many times the @ operator is used to simply ignore errors and continue to work in case of failure.

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