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How meetings should be

If you recorded yourself talking for ten minutes then sent it to all your team, do you think they would listen to it?

Using Boring Technologies this Year

Every once in a while I am reminded that I am doing the right thing by sticking to PHP in the year 2015. If you don't know already, the majority of websites run on PHP. That is to say, PHP is a tested technology. It has a vibrant community, it is expanding, and it is very, very boring.

How to Cross-Site Script

If SQL Injection allows a user to make a full copy of your database, Cross Site Scripting will give an attacker full control over your users. Both are equally dangerous and relatively easy to protect against. Not long ago, I wrote about the dangers of [SQL Injection](, today I want to focus on ***Cross Site Scripting***.

Markdown: the language of the web

You've been browsing reddit for a while. You think you have waited long enough, and accumulated enough courage to finally post your opinion again. When you get to the commenting section. You want to format your creative thoughts but it says, it only supports __Markdown__ formatting. "Never heard of it!"

Unicorn Programming Fairyland

This should be a short post because I am merely trying to document an observation. I don't contribute to stack overflow as much as I used to. Many times I suggested code that I wouldn't normally use on a daily basis. Well document standards thoroughly explained in hope of making everyone a better programmer. But if I was to solve the same problem, chances are I wouldn't use my own approach.

PHP 5.5 update and JSON: A battle for freedom 0

A few months ago I updated my PHP version. PHP 5.4 to 5.5 . I never had any problems updating PHP before. I follow its development closely and try to remove my deprecated functions long before they are officially removed. But this time I was caught off guard. It silently broke part of my website for the silliest reason.

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Learn tips and tricks that will turn you into an Awesome® Javascript Dev.

JavaScript Tips and tricks

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What to use for debugging, console.log() or alert()

When I started using JavaScript, the alert function quickly became my best friend. I didn't use it to display annoying messages to my users. I used to debug my …

Are you new to JavaScript?

JavaScript can be a little bit challenging at first. There are a few things that once mastered will make your journey smoother. These are the little things that I want to explain to you here. I make the frustrating things as friendly as possible so you don't have to stress over it.


Every little corner has a story. Sometimes a camera tells the story and a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are professional photographers and then there is me who happens to have a camera on my phone. Here's to what came out.