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Creating your own CDN with Nginx

If you've used WordPress, then you know that it has a nice little folder called upload where all the pictures and videos you upload get stored. This is all fine and dandy, until people start accessing those assets.

Teaching about the internet, not websites

Facebook allows people to purchase a Facebook plan so to speak. For small fee, you can access only the Facebook from your device. You can't access the rest of the web, but at least you are connected.

The magic of hating software

There is a price to pay being a software developer. We will never be able to enjoy software as much as the non developers. Software is magic to most people. Every time I see some little thing that impress the majority of my friends on the web, I am tempted to say, well "all their doing is searching through a database". But I stop myself and keep quiet.

Don't try to rationalize interviews

I tried to explain the [process of interviewing]( before. As much as I like to admit it is not a rational process. I've had the chance to interview people and my process was just as disorganized.


If you are like me and don't know the first thing about cameras then you are probably falling for the same marketing scheme. Well not scheme really but, well I used to fall for it too. Megapixels.

Suckers for tech

I used to download new frameworks, new programming languages, new versions of anything. I always wanted to test them and see what they are all about, complete the hello world tutorial, install gems and what not. I am satisfied when I see something running smoothly on my machine. I would also upload them to my server and test them there too, in a real world environment so to speak. I loved this process. But lately, I am having a hard time going through that process; it doesn't feel the same.

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JavaScript Collection

Learn tips and tricks that will turn you into an Awesome® Javascript Dev.

JavaScript Tips and tricks

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When to run your code

When is the right time to run your JavaScript? When the page has loaded? When the document is ready? You may face this challenge and the solution sometimes is n…

Are you new to JavaScript?

JavaScript can be a little bit challenging at first. There are a few things that once mastered will make your journey smoother. These are the little things that I want to explain to you here. I make the frustrating things as friendly as possible so you don't have to stress over it.


Every little corner has a story. Sometimes a camera tells the story and a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are professional photographers and then there is me who happens to have a camera on my phone. Here's to what came out.