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How much should an ebook cost

Ebooks price are too high. At least that's how I viewed it before I was convinced otherwise. $29.99, $49.99, or $59.99. What are you paying for when you buy an ebook. The cost of duplicating an ebook is nil. Just copy and paste. Maybe a millionth of a cent if you count the electricity usage. But I think the price is completely justified.

Making decisions is an emotional problem, not rational

When I moved to the US. I gave up gaming entirely. Before, I couldn't spend a single day of my life without at least holding a controller in my hand. But then, I grew up. Video games are for kids and people who have nothing else to do; at least that's what I told myself. I went out and enjoyed the fresh air instead. My reasons were rational, I was now a grown man with responsibilities. Woe were my days of gaming. Then Metal Gear 4 came out, I bought a PS3.

The story behind art is the Art

When I first went to the Getty museum I was more impressed by Paul Getty then the actual art it contained. Just imagining how much money went into building all of this is mind boggling. The museum houses art from all over the world, and all of this is available to us for free.

Do you know why no one wants to help you with your amazing idea?

I learned to program the hard way. I stayed up day and night crunching code in my very old PowerBook G4. The machine was defective and it would take over an hour to turn it on. To prevent it from failing I would keep working so it doesn't go back to stand by mode. Most my classmates did not care much about programming so I was my only motivation.

Don't create content, create Art

If there is one thing the rest of the internet and I are guilty of, it is creating content. Most people who get started on the web think the key to success is to create a website and people will pour in. Eventually they learn that no one cares about their website. SEO consulting companies always have the same recipe: link building and content. The Holy grail of the internet.

JavaScript Tips and Tricks

Calling a function out of scope

With the advent of jQuery, coding in JavaScript became accessible to almost everybody. But with it came some very fundamental errors that could have been avoided if the person read the very basic of java script. Users define…

Get computed style

Sometimes you want to get the width of an element, and the obvious way of getting it does not work.; // (empty string) Yeah, I know it should be this easy but it is not. Instead we have to get the comp…

Accessing URL parameters in JavaScript

I have worked with PHP extensively and it is very convenient to have all the URL parameters automatically assigned to the global array $_GET. Here is an example: $_GET['foo']; // bar I wish …

Calling a function that has no name

You can make use of recursion easily in JavaScript. Let's try it with factorials: function factorial(num){ if (num < 0) { return -1; } else if (num == 0) { return 1; } return (num * fa…

Making fast cross-domain requests when the browser is leaving

There are times you want to make a very quick web request and don't care about the response looks like. It is possible to make requests using Ajax, but we still get a response. One trick you will see many people are using is…