Learning javascript in just 30 days


Yes, I think it is fair to say that you can learn javascript in just 30 days. At least it did it for me. Not exactly 30 days but it was close enough, so I rounded it to a nice 30. Javascript can be very confusing to an experienced programmer, because it is very different then other languages. However it is not so hard if it is your first language. Learning the basic should be easy, but when you get into scoping and closure it is something else.

First of all here is the truth about learning C++ in 21 days:

learn c++ in 21 days

I am not sure who is the original author of the comic but he nailed it.

For javascript it is no different, 30 days is fair to say. Let me break it down:

30 days = 720 hours

Now lets say you are very dedicated and decide to spend at least 4 hours a day learning javascript.

720h / 4h per day = 180 days

So 180 days or 6 month. Note that weekends are included.

I tricked you into thinking it will be easier but don't worry I have good news. Javascript is an instant gratification language. You can start using it as you are learning; you don't have to learn for 6 month first and when you are done you start using it. A month after I was introduced to javascript, I started getting paid for it (tutoring). So go ahead and put away the microwave mentality away and start learning.

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