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Ibrahim Diallo

February 2017

PHP Yolo

PHP Yolo

Web development differs from environment to environment. If you are a .Net developer, you may have a different mindset than a person who works with PHP or ruby. In .Net, when you compile and deploy your code, an application is started and waits for web requests. It is up and spinning in a loop until a request comes. Not so in PHP. Before you make the request, there is nothing.

Finding an accomplice

Finding an accomplice

I'm in the category of people who are in a permanent leave of absence when it comes to college, or the more technical term a school dropout. This could be the start of a great narrative, or the source of many rejection.

JS Tip of the day

Converting colors or numbers from Hex to Dec

Recently, I needed to create a function that fades from one color to the other. CSS3 makes the job very easy by making use of the transition property. However I…