Change is rarely dramatic



Looking back at my life, I can safely say I am a different person. You can find some similar traits, but a lot of my beliefs have change. I don't dress the same, I don't hangout with the same people, I don't even speak the same language. Yet, it is hard to say when the transition occurred. Only that now I am different.

When change comes, we are resistant to it. We are comfortable in our ways. We learn one new habit thinking we have control over it. Fast forward five years, we can see that the habit led us to a completely different life.

When the car was invented, no one pictured gas stations at every corner. Now when you zoom 70 miles an hour on the freeway, you can't even imagine what it was like for people to have horses.

When the first cell phone came out, it was impossible to imagine that every single person will only be a few taps away. When we look at inventions today, we can only speculate about the future. But the change that will happen will always come as a surprise when looking back.

Changes is rarely dramatic when it occurs. But let enough time go by, and you will see that everything has changed.