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About me

My name is Ibrahim Diallo and I am a software developer by trade in the Republic of California. I've broken into computers since 1992 and the job is not done yet.

You can contact me here:

Ibrahim Diallo

Anyone that spends enough time doing something they love,(or learned to love) can make a living with it. In my case people tell me their problems and I write code to fix it. The software world is fascinating yet misunderstood. The world does not need more code, it needs more individuals willing go through the boring stuff to solve difficult problems.

I was first introduced to real programming in Egypt. I was in high school and took night classes at the local American University. I enjoyed solving the problems from the text book, but didn't really know what to do with my new found skill. I made a cliché command line Body Mass Index application and then forgot all about programming.

Few years later I was in college in the United States, trying to major in electronic engineering. Around that same time, I decided to give programming another shot. Few days into my JavaScript class, it clicked. Programming became this practical skill, rather than these theoretical classes I was taking. I spent the first month completing every single chapter of the book and next getting paid tutoring the rest of the class.

Years have passed since then and I have been very open minded with the kind of workplaces I spend my time in. There are some things you can only learn under the pressure of a deadline and horrible bosses.

Ibrahim Diallo blog

I started this blog as an exercise. It is a place that first came to life because I had a very hard time writing. Maybe I should have graduated from college and would have been a better writer but sometimes, you have to learn things the hard way. And this blog, despite the modest traffic I get, has taught me just that.

Unlike speaking to a computer, writing is not something that comes naturally to me. I have to put the time and effort to say the simplest of things. Like Malcom X once wrote:

Malcom X coudn't write

I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote, especially those to Mr. Elijah Muhammad. In the street, I had been the most articulate hustler out there. I had commanded attention when I said something. But now, trying to write simple English, I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional. How would I sound writing in slang, the way one would say it, something such as, “Look, daddy, let me pull your coat about a cat, Elijah Muhammad...”

Not to say that I am a good writer today (you be the judge), but blogging since April 1st, 2013 had definitely improved my thoughts-to-words conversion process. In other words, I suck less.

A commenter from reddit one said I write at a 7 grade level. To tell you the truth this got me very excited because I thought it was much worse. And 7 graders use simple words that every one can understand. So I thought at the very least people can understand what I am saying. So thank you redditor!

This blog not only helps me write better, but it also helps me share the things I learn along the way. So if you are on this page, chances are you have read something that you thought was, interesting. And I hope I can keep at it as long as there is something relevant to say.


I have a few things that I am working on that I keep under the radar for now but I promise they will soon come to light soon. Because I am a disorganized man, I do have a bunch of different stuff that will pop randomly on my blog.

Machine Fired Me Book

Machine Fired Me – The Book

When I wrote the story about the machine that fired me, it became increansingly clear that people wanted to read more from me. As of July 2018, I am writing a book about my story and experience in the world of tech as an African man. The book is currently untitled, but it will explore my journey before and after my encounter with the machine. If you like Science-non-fiction sign up to the blog and stay tuned.



Ottomon is a new company I started to make it easy to contact the owner of a car. It works using little QR code tags that can stick to your car or any device.


Renly – The Airbnb of commercial space

Like Airbnb, Renly helps you rent your commercial space (salon, spa, barbershop, etc) to any professional for as long as they need. I co-founded this company in 2016 and took it to TechCrunch in New York.



Education Rating website (formelly called s-crit.com) has been pulled out of the web. Running it for a couple of years I have discovered a few things from users and decided I need to make some major changes for it to be relevant. So this is in my TO-REWORK list.



This is a service to take screenshots of other websites. I haven't touched it in while but it is still available and free to use. I am planning to make it open source in the future. (I built it to spite my employer)

SimplyFrame PHP framework


This is the framework I have used for every single project I started. I have been working on it for the past 5 to 6 years and it is very fast and lightweight. This web site runs on it. I haven't released it yet because, I don't think the world needs another undocumented PHP framework.

Building a website from scratch series

This is a YouTube series I have been working on. The goal is to help people get an idea how their favorite web framework is built. With it I build and entire website from scratch and made the code freely available for everyone.

Ibrahim Diallo's work

Do you Freelance?

I am only open to serious consulting jobs for the moment. I listed some of my latest projects below.

Me on the web

I have avoided social networks like the plague, but I too have caught the bug, so you can find me often twitter @dialloibu. But where you can really reach me is via email. I read every single email I get and I do my best to respond as quickly as possible. My email is my first name at this domain name.

I don't contribute as much as before to stackoverflow but you can often find me there closing questions.

I post sporadically on YouTube but you can find me there too on a good day.

Thank you for reading this long blab about myself and I hope you find things you need on this web log.


Ibrahim Diallo

Oh! I also have a blog in french.