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Are PCs Dead?

Every year, the PC dies. At least according to every single respectable newspaper. They probably write those articles from a PC.

Programming 101 - Web Development

Web development is easy to get into. It doesn't require too many complex tool to get started.

The Alarm Clock Problem

It's easy to spend too much time trying to solve a problem and suddenly you remember that this is not the problem you started with.

Programming 101 - Installing Software

No matter what type of programming you do, you will need to install a massive amount of software.

Programming 101 - Preface

Did you want to learn programming? I can help you with that. This is the introductory video to learning programming.

What is the difference between Programmer and Developer

Is there a difference between a programmer and a developer? The answer is simple, and in the video.

The Voice of AI

The voice of AI studies how voice is not the ultimate medium of communication for machines. Voice should be limited to humans.

Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Pink Phantom Parody

Metal Gear Solid V - When Venon was killed, Pink took over mother base. Diamonds quickly became the most powerful militaire sans frontier.

Website From Scratch - User Authentication Part 2

Authentication take a little more than one video. Here we will complete the implementation.

Website From Scratch - Part 20 - User Authentication

User authentication prevents the public from accessing private parts of your website. We can use services to create a simple system.

California is Dry

Can't feel the Californian drought in the City. However, a little stroll in the woods shows how deep the drought is.

Website From Scratch - Part 19 - File Upload 2

It is important to test and secure file upload or it can easily be exploited to overwhelm the server.

Improve crappy Images with Curves Adjustment

Sometimes are smart phone cameras don't produce the best pictures. A little work with the Curve Adjustment tool can do miracles.

Website From Scratch - Part 18 - File Upload

File upload is not very complicated with PHP. We will make it much easier with the framework with services.

Website From Scratch - Part 17 - Services

Services make it easier to use third party libraries in your code. It also makes it easier to interchange libraries without changing much of the code.

Website From Scratch - Part 16 - Quick Redesign

Our initial design is not very pretty. So I took this opportunity to refresh the look just a little.

Website From Scratch - Part 15 - Polishing the Admin

Not everything we write needs to be published right away. We need to have an option to save things without publishing. And fix other stuff.

Website From Scratch - Part 14 - Add New Article

We already have the option to edit articles, now we need the option to add new ones.

Website From Scratch - Part 13 - Article Editing

Creating a section in the admin to edit articles is the next step. Also a good time to share server settings.

Website from scratch - Part 12 - Admin CSS

Even though the Admin will not be seeing by the public, it is still a good idea to style it. A good UI will make you more productive.