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Website from scratch - Part 11 - Admin

In every website there is a section where you can log in to modify the content. This is the admin.

Website from Scratch - Part 10 - Back To Basic

The goal is to create a blog. It is very easy to get caught up with tech, so here we get back to basic.

Website from Scratch - Part 09 - MySQL Database

MySQL is a free and simple database. We can use it in conjunction with our data manager to get data.

Website from scratch - Part 08 - Data Manager

The data manager is in charge of getting any information to the page. We don't care where it comes from as long as we get it.

Website from scratch - Part 07 - Rendering

At the end of the day, all code on the server has to produce HTML. Here our framework will produce HTML for the browser.

Website from scratch - Part 06 - More Framework

Once we have a router, we can start working on the controller. The router will forward URLs to the controller.

Website from Scratch - Part 05 - The Router

Creating a router from scratch using PHP. The role of the router is to direct the URL to the right functions in your code.

Website from scratch - Part 04 - The Framework

What is spaghetti code and how can you use a web framework to make your code more organized.

Website from scratch - Part 3 - PHP

You can use PHP to create a dynamic website.

Website From Scratch - Part 02 - HTML Pages

This is the second installment in the How to create a website from scratch. In this episode we are going to create two more pages, and create simple navigation links to allow us to go around pages.

Website From Scratch - Part 01 - The Content

This is the first installement on how to create a website from scratch.

What is the best programming language to learn

Technology does not stop and wait, you have to catch the train while it is at full speed.

How coupons work on the web

Have you ever wondered how coupons works on the web?

How your data is collected on the Internet

This is a short video that explains how your data is collected on the web.

How to buy a computer in 2014

A simple guide to help you buy a computer this year and those to come.