We don't have a solution



This is one thing our generation will have to wrestle with. The world moves, people make decisions, we complain. But when it comes time solving the problem, we are stuck.

I've been thinking about Facebook, and all the political and social problem that came of it. It's easy to turn around and say that Zuckerberg is evil. Maybe he is planing for world domination, and getting people addicted to Facebook. But when he started building his social network, I'm pretty sure he didn't expect to be standing before congress explaining what the like button does. What's the solution? How do we fix social media?

With plastic killing animals and poisoning the environment, it's easy to shun anyone who isn't recycling. But then China refused to buy American plastic, we realize that all the plastic we were putting aside was just getting burned elsewhere. What's the solution? What do we do with the plastic?

We need cars for transportation. We need ships for trade. We need planes to travel. We need the oil to power them all. Along the way, each of those pollutes the air and steadily warms the planet. What's the solution for transportation, trade and travel?

We are in a pandemic now. We know that staying home, washing our hands often, and social distancing can help stop the spread of the virus. But how do you stay home when you can't afford food anymore. How do you keep a hygiene when you can't afford basic necessities. How do you stay home when you are getting evicted?

Blaming someone is the quick and easy way to make noise. But solutions are rarely offered. If you have a complex problem, the solution is often just as complex. If the solution can fit in a tweet, it probably didn't consider a thousand different real world scenarios.

Our generation has a big problem to wrestle with. We don't have tested solutions for most of our problems and we have a hard time admitting it.