The power of Bureaucracy



Bureaucracy is a bad word. No one uses it in a positive sentence. But Bureaucracy is something that appears into any organization that grows large enough. It can become a huge pain point that prevents any work from getting done. But it can also be the reason any work is getting done.

Have you ever wondered how some organization look so bad and wasteful, yet they manage to survive in the worst of economies? The answer is bureaucracy.

Let's consider this question. How do you bring a whale home? I don't mean it figuratively. How do you get out of the house and come back with a full-grown adult killer whale? The simple answer is it is impossible. No one man can do this feat. Yet, that's exactly what they did to have Orcas at SeaWorld.

It all starts with filing for a permit. This single filing triggers a thousand different jobs each triggering other sets of paperwork to file. Eventually, maybe years later, a ship is set to sea to capture a whale. Once the whale is captured, other permits needs to be obtained to navigate through different seas and transport the mammal.

No one man can bring a whale home. But gather enough people, glue them together with bureaucracy, and you got yourself a whale at your doorstep.