How to stop working when you work from home



Working from home, it's easy to find yourself checking your email at 10 in the evening. The workday started when you were in bed checking email. When the day ends, you are again in bed and the email as right there on your phone. Instead of going to sleep, we check it one more time.

It's hard to create this boundary when work and home share that same rooms. When we leave our physical offices, we perform a routine. At the end of the day, we start packing, shutting down computers, and we drive home. This performance switches our brain from work mode to normal mode. But when home is our work, we never make the switch. We find ourselves tempted to work throughout the day.

Create a routine when you finish working from home. At the end of your work day, perform it to get out of work. Whether it is cleaning up your workspace, shutting down your computer, or putting your laptop away in a closet. I have a clean up routine that last 15 minutes. Unless I do this, I'll find myself reaching for my work computer to do more work.

The same can be done to start your day. Instead checking your email the first thing in the morning, start your by going to your home office. Even if it is the same room. Clean up, have breakfast, wear some work clothes.

We need the mental switch to make better use of our time. Otherwise work takes over our homes.