summer ice cream

Does it feel like summer? I'm not sure what summer is supposed to be. On TV, they show people going to the beach, eating ice cream, bathing in the hot sun. I was born and raised in a desert. It has always been hot in my life. I've always lived a couple of miles from the beach. For some reason, I don't associate the heat and sand between toes with Summer.

My summer was that time you didn't go to school. You woke up, brushed your teeth, then went on to play. You didn't think about school or homework all day long. And your mother doesn’t have to chase you to come back home. It was summer.

Now that I am not a child and don't have to go to school, what is summer? My kids are one year old. They are happy if I take them to the balcony and play with them. They are not asking for much yet. But somehow I feel it. I feel like it is summer. I don't work as much right now. I don't even write on the blog anymore. It's like this inner feeling in me that makes me slow down with work and lets me enjoy my time.

It's not the sun, the heat, the ice cream. It's the free time I get.

It is summer.