It takes guts to be the first follower

A leader is the nut that starts a radical movement and won't shut up about it. He is ridiculed but it takes a lot more to stop him. Since ideas are cheap, if he finds no support, he will simply come up with another one. When everyone says you are a fool, true or not, you are a fool. All it takes is one person to join you in your craziness and the world will reconsider.

Steve Wozniak built computers. I am not talking about what a lot of people call building, including me, which is buying parts and assembling them into a machine. This guy built the Goddamn machine armed with a soldering gun, resistors, capacitors, and the whatnots that make a computer. It is simply crazy, especially today in an age where computer savvy is synonym to "mastering Facebook and Twitter".

Back to Wozniak. His name wouldn't be known today if he didn't have his first real follower, Steve Jobs. Someone who is even more passionate about the idea then the person who came up with it. It takes a lot of guts to find the ridicule and join them in their dance. Although both the leader and first followers are considered nuts, they are more easy on the eye. Wozniak can't be that stupid, otherwise Jobs wouldn't be by his side. I would like to believe that that's what Paul Terrell was thinking before investing in them.

The Apple I

The Apple I —Wiki

There can only be so many leaders. If everyone was leading the way, well, there wouldn't much to follow isn't there? The first follower is like a translator. He creates a path between that dark obscure idea and the rest of the world. The second follower comes in to confirm that the water is actually the right temperature. Then time and momentum come into play. Sayings like: "Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come" are born right after. If the leader has a constant value x then the first follower is the multiplier who can help create that initial momentum.

Because an image paints a thousand words, let's say a video can do a much more. Enjoy.

When you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in.


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