The best SEO trick

This short article was originally posted on April 21 2011 on my old blog which is now defunct. It is the only one I can still access via So enjoy.

I’ll keep this short!

The best way to rank high in google is to create something you can be proud of. Have your users in mind when you are designing your page or writing articles. If you want to use Ajax because you think it makes sense, go for it! Make a damn good website where people can come and spend hours on, surfing, reading, playing or whatever.

If you feel like your website is useless and empty, don’t ask how you can make it more visible to the search engines, ask how you can give something valuable to every user.

Come up with something new and exciting. If you can’t find anything then try again. If you absolutely can’t find anything, please stay away from the web cause nobody likes a website that is there for the sake of being there.

Try something new, you can do anything you put your mind to.

PS: a good website does not need any SEO, people comeback because they like it.


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