Writing history by mistake

Where are the ideas worth doing?

Social media is the business of sharing ideas not worth doing but appealing to spread. Everyday there are some fantastic comments, ideas, and pieces of wisdom shared on social networks. These receive, in social metrics, tons of supporters.

Ideas to overcome injustice, to solve an important problem, or to make the world a better place. All those are present. To the eyes of historians in the year 2100 studying our generation, we will look like the most inspiring of them all. Every single person wants to change the world... on social media.

Outside, in the offline world, away from the internet, we are pretty quiet. Everyone is still going to school to get a good job, following in the footstep of their ancestors. The word "innovation" gets applauded in a convention, while it is muffled and killed in every school or institution. The person trying to make a difference is met with persecution and violence. Where are all these inspiring words from the timeline? Where are all the supporters?

All the while one of us will be sitting in a corner, in a train full of people, with noise canceling earphones, discreetly writing your next piece of inspiration that will confuse once again the future generation of historians.


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