How meetings should be

Don't read this, just send an email.

If you recorded yourself talking for ten minutes then sent it to all your team, do you think they would listen to it?

If you the answer is no, then you see why meetings are pointless. If you can't grab the attention of your team in a 10 minutes recording, than being in a room with all of them won't make much difference.

However, if your answer is yes. Then why doesn't everyone do this? Maybe there are good intentions behind the idea of a meeting. Maybe one or two great points will be made. But the vibe of the meeting made every single employee not pay attention the moment you said it.

If your meeting is recorded, then everyone in your team has the luxury of listen or watch it in a more comfortable time. You don't have to break the work flow. You send an email with the mp3 or video attached, and every one listens to it when they are available.

That is of course if making a recording is more efficient then a simple text email.

I'd go for text email.


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