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Calculate your party going activities before hand

Recently I was reading an article that stated that human conversation is limited to a maximum of 4 people. Add more people to the group and they slowly break into smaller groups.

There can be many reasons for the break up. It may take too long for everyone to get a turn to speak. People close to each other may start whispering their opinions to each other and break away, or a person will simply get bored and wonder around. I certainly remember wondering around the room.

But being a programmer, I decided to build a simulator that will maybe offer insights that can only be gained through the power of computers. I created a small JavaScript project and named it Kwik Talk (can’t get VC funds without a cool name).

Demo Here

What it does is dive into the quantum realm and summon an actual live conversation in a party near you and then uses the emitted energy to compute the brain activity in a group of arbitrary size. If your computer doesn't support that it uses Math.random() to simulate the conversation.

Conversation simulator results

Sample results

When I started, I was excited about the data I would collect. What I didn't know was, when I get that data I wouldn't know what to do with it. So I uploaded the project on Github and hopefully someone else can also run it and extract some useful data.

One interesting insight I found is that when you have few people in the room, the optimal is two people per conversation. But the more people you add, the higher the number goes. I am hoping that more insights like these will come out of the data.

Either way I hope you enjoy it.


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