One year and writing is still freaking hard

This post is here for the sole purpose that writing is hard. It takes a while to write. Writing in haste produce long incoherent sentences that, if luck strikes, may produce a beautiful piece that communicates an idea.

I have an idea. My idea is that everything big starts small. Among all the noise that goes through my head everyday I see potential in the little-lest thing. This little thing goes as it spends more time in my head. If luck strikes twice in a day, I write it down and hope that it will be the next big thing. Unfortunately it keeps growing before coming to life. I stop the writing and focus on further investigating it both in my head and on the "Google".

Like bacterial life it grows exponentially and my notes and short term memory are no longer sufficient to hold all the thoughts unifying this masterpiece together. Now the time is right to share it with your fellow humans. You will be surprised how hard it is to explain an idea to another person . It may seem clear in your head but as you try to tell about the details, you realize you don't know anything about it. In fact you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Now let me go back to the beginning since this is about how hard writing is. When I look at my favorite bloggers, they have more than a few thousands blog posts. Easy, all I have to do is write 2000 post and put ads on it and I am set for life. As of April first 2014, it has been a year and I am barely hitting the 100 marks. That's ok. At least when I started I had trouble writing a full sentence without editing the hell out of it only to leave a sour taste in my poor readers mind.

Writing for a year, I have attained the second type of acknowledgement which is realizing that there are a lots of things about writing I don't know. The first type being not knowing that I don't know, that comes in naturally.

Today I choose a different spot to write, a different setting, a different computer, a different chair. In the past, I have started many essays that never saw an ending. Maybe typing what I think on the fly in an unfamiliar setting will help get these thoughts in my heads faster. All they need is to get out, cause they are there for sure.

And I will not waste my time doing long research. I know, saying research is a waste of time goes even against my beliefs. But it is not to say I will not make research again before writing; but like any process, it will come when I get to it. For now my problem is to make writing easier. Just like I try to suck less as a programmer. Let me suck less as a writer.

To end in a familiar note, please excuse me for the long post, I did not have time for a shorter one.


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