Great stories don't rely on spoilers



Not too long ago, I was watching Jurassic Park on TV. The one that came out in 1993. To this day it is a fascinating movie. It was just as impressive to watch when I was 6 years old. What if you have never heard of the movie and I tell you the story line. Would you stop me and ask me not to reveal any spoiler? Chances are you've already seen the movie and, well, you know that there are no spoilers.

The story can be told, and it is still a fascinating movie to watch. Can't say the same thing about all movies, not even the latest Jurassic World.

When a story only relies on a punch line, it becomes the joke that we heard one too many times. A good story is one that you can immerse yourself into. One you can relate too. Even if it is a fictional one about dinosaurs, our minds can wonder and explore.