We come up with our greatest ideas is when we have no means of jotting them down. My ultimate challenge is the shower. When the water is running and I’m away from electronic distractions, my mind is finally in its elements. Here, it gets to think without any interruption. But these great thoughts are fleeting thoughts.

The moment I come out of the shower, I try to write them down. Then, of course, I immediately forget them. My means are digital so remembering is not a problem. It often takes a couple of days before I am reminded that I have had a fascinating idea in the shower. When I consult my records, I’m always disappointed. The essence of the thought I wanted to capture is no longer there. I have words, sounds, meaning. But it feels different.

That’s the problem. Converting thoughts to readable or audible words is a lossy transaction.
’ I think about it every time I write on the blog. The idea I have in mind is rarely the one that ends up on the page. For example, I’ll see a fascinating red car, and think about the beautiful paint job. When I open up my laptop to write about it, I’ll say many things, but I’ll forget to mention the red car.

Every time I write, I scrutinize myself. I ask, “Is this what you were trying to say?” Most often than not, the answer is “No”. So I start over, until I finally say exactly what I was trying to say.

Writing your ideas down is not as easy as writing them down. The brain always gets in the way.