Get computed style

Sometimes you want to get the width of an element, and the obvious way of getting it does not work.; // (empty string)

Yeah, I know it should be this easy but it is not. Instead we have to get the computed style. The only time we can check the style property and get a value is if we set it our self. = "200px";
... later in the code ...; // 200px

But, to get the dynamic value we have to check the computed style. Let's try.

document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(element, null)["width"]; // 480px; 

Yeah, very hard to memorize. The computed style method takes two arguments, the first one is the element to get the property from and the second one is a pseudo-elements. It returns a CSSStyleDeclaration object. The object has all the CSS properties.

The only problem is that IE has it's own way of implementing it. So we have to write a function that use the method supported by the browser.

var computedStyle = function (el,style) {
    var cs;
    if (typeof el.currentStyle != 'undefined'){
        cs = el.currentStyle;
    else {
        cs = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(el,null);
    return cs[style];

Now we can get the width of the element using this function:

computedStyle(element,"width"); // 480px

Note, you can get other properties too like the height, display, overflow, and so on.


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