Command line tabular format

If you want to display tablular data on the browser, all you have to do is use a table. If you happen to want to display it in the terminal window (or in a pre tag), it becomes a little more difficult. Here is a little trick I use to display tabular data:

var space = "              "; // the spaces between columns
var words = ["name","address", "city","State","zipcode","phone"];
var input = ["Ibrahim Diallo","123 fake street","Los Angeles","California","10002","310-555-5555"];
var i, total = input.length;

for(i=0;i<total;i++) {

The output is:

name:          Ibrahim Diallo
address:       123 fake street
city:          Los Angeles
State:         California
zipcode:       10002
phone:         310-555-5555 

This method could be used to format data to look like the output in the command line (where white space matters).


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