Antioch, California

Antioch, California


  • Taken on:
  • Camera Galaxy S4
  • Location Train station, Antioch, California.

I've recently taken a trip to Antioch in Northern California to visit a friend. There are no direct lines from Los Angeles to Antioch. To get there, I had to take the bus to Bakersfield, 2 hours away, and the train, 5 hours.

The only thing that went smooth was the bus. The train left on time but we did a whooping 7 hours which totaled the whole trip to 9 hours. The only thing that made time goes by faster was the very entertaining staff.

Antioch California Amtrack station

Now to tell you the truth the reason for the delay was that a car got on the track and was hit by the train coming on the opposite direction.

According to the announcer, the procedure in those situations was that all the staff from the train in question be dismissed for the day. Another team comes back to replace them. This is to make sure the line can continue running and an investigation can be made.

When I arrived, all I wanted to do was run. Run as fast and far as I can. I didn't know where, but my legs just didn't want to sit still for another second.

I imagine this guy was having a greater time than us:

Jetski on the side of the train