The Office

The Office


  • Taken on:
  • Camera Galaxy S4
  • Location Starbucks, El Segundo, California

Working from home is completely overrated. You won't be working in your pajamas for sure. Who still wears pajamas anyways? Who said you are on vacation anyway?

I get out of the house every morning to avoid distraction. I never thought I would be joining people in Starbucks on their macs. Well the difference is I am not on a mac.

I am sure if I asked anyone they will have the perfect excuse why they are there. It is not just for the coffee.

One of the problems with taking your laptop and finding a good place to work is that you are carrying your distraction with you: The laptop.

No matter where you are, you still have access to Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and all that make the web a huge waste of time.

I closed the my laptop to destroy all distractions, and right in front of me, a new one was born:

Dragon fire drink