City Lights

City Lights


  • Taken on:
  • Camera Galaxy S4
  • Location Los Angeles, California

Took the car to the shop and I had plenty of time to waste in the middle of LA. So I walked in my city and took pictures as if it was my first time.


I ended up in an alley in Los Angeles museum of art.

Los Angeles Museum of art

The weirdest thing is I met a mother and daughter visiting LA. They wanted me to take a picture for them. After the long elaborate scheme of activating the password protected phone that went off every 10 seconds, they posed.

I click on the shutter and the iPhone says, no space available. The daughter grabs the phone and hesitantly deletes a few pictures and hand it back to me.

No space available.

The mother hands out her phone, "How about we use mine." They pose and I take a picture in landscape. They ask for a portrait. I take the phone and try to go portrait, and a battery flashes on the screen and the phone goes off.

I took a few pictures for them on my phone and sent it their email. Their day was just getting started so I don't think they will be posting much on facebook.

Los Angeles Museum of art lights

Apparently the Museum of art is not free. I only found out after spending 30 minutes inside. When I left I saw a long line of people buying their tickets to get in. Well, nobody asked me for a ticket so.

Los Angeles Museum of art view