180 days of blogging

Hopefully this will be my only post about blogging. The whole point of starting this blog was to improve my writing. Hoping that some strangers will find a place in their heart to tolerate my bad writing and look beyond the obvious mistakes and understand the message I am trying to pass. Not that many strangers for the moment but the few that come along did have an opinion. As hurtful as some can be I have come to build friendships out of others. 180 days went by so fast. I still couldn't pinpoint exactly how much I improved until I went to page one and started reading.

I went back to read my first post about deprecated functions in php and it was very hard to read. At the time I was writing it made complete sense. It was written, edited, rewritten, edited, and edited and it was still an awful read. I cannot say that after 6 months I am a better writer but at least I have learned to spot more mistakes and that's an improvement.

One thing I wish I could do would be to do like Jennifer Dewalt write 180 posts in 180 days but I can barely keep up with the schedule I set for myself. 3 post a week is not as easy as I thought as it would be, I sometimes end up writing once every 10 days but I am hoping to get back on track.

I don't believe in making promises on what I will be doing on the following months neither do I believe in new years resolutions. Instead what I should do will be to end this meta post and get back to writing right away.


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