To programmers getting started

Ignore everyone.

Shut the world out. Chose one language. Any. Then get started.

In the beginning, you don't need to hear everyone's opinion. They are only there to slow you down. I think of myself, how I got started. If I was reading about how much JavaScript or PHP sucked, that "real programmer" use whatever other "well formed" language, I wouldn't be where I am today.

What the hell is a real programmer anyway? If you can type on a keyboard you are a programmer. There I said it.

I wish I could tell you that not everyone will slow you down when you are getting started. But you don't believe in fairy tales now, do you?

The problem is, those who have negative opinions are the loudest. A Google search will only result in more rants about programming languages.

The goal is to get excited and started building cool stuff. And you can do this on your own.

It's unfortunate that people who want to prove you wrong are all too common on the web. I even documented one of my experiences on Stackoverflow:

Here is what made me tick on Stackoverflow. There was a question about JavaScript that seemed to be from a beginner. The code was redundant and the wrong approach was taken solve the problem. Recreating hyperlinks using a button tag with JavaScript. The person asking could have simply used the anchor tag but since he was new (I am assuming) decided to use a tag that sounded like it makes more sense, a button. When I saw the question since I was not sure what he was trying to accomplish, I showed how it could be done with JavaScript. The down votes started coming and I wasn't understanding why, and the question was being voted for closing. This is the comment I received from a user with over 140k reputation points:

How dare you even answer this kind of question.

I laughed, I couldn't believe it. Before I could respond the question was deleted. The person who asked this question may never know what is wrong with his code, because asking the question is a terrible sin apparently.

To those who are experienced, I have a simple message. Let people learn any language they want, even if you think it sucks. The only language that really sucks is the one that you cannot use to create your work.

You are not doing anybody a favor when you put people down. Negative motivation is very poor at driving creative work.

Be nice people, be nice.


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