I'll pay less for the copy

What kind of work are you doing. Are you doing exactly what you are told? Are you making a copy of your boss's work? Copies don't sell higher than the original. If you are making a copy, you will be paid accordingly.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is appraised to be worth $780 million. A quick search shows that you can get a copy for much cheaper today:

Mona Lisa for 31.99 at vintprint.com

At Vintprint.com you can get a copy for $31.99

Our work is valued the same way. Your employer is looking to cut cost everywhere possible. It is a race to the bottom. Why do you think there are unpaid internships? Those interns are worked to death for a few school credits and the advantage is to the employer.

If your work consist of doing exactly what you are told, then chances are if someone offers to do just that for a lower price, your job is obsolete. Not to mention her job will be obsolete when someone else offers a lower price.

Sometimes we are afraid to speak our mind. Not for the sake of being controversial, but because we are afraid we might lose our job. We have an unconventional solution to a problem, the manager comes up with a dumb solution, we want to say "what if we do this instead?". We imagine the whole room looking at us and laughing. Or we imagine the manager getting angry and fire us. Do you see how those scenarios look ridiculous?

There is nothing worse then regretting things you could have done. I don't like telling myself next time I will do better, because the same opportunity never comes twice. Say what you have to say now. Lead the way. If you can't lead, it's ok. We can't all be leaders. You can always chose who you follow. And don't follow those who are not looking out for you. Follow those who can teach you and allow you to grow even beyond them.

We are all artists. Those who keep quiet and follow the rules are called normal. Those who tell their story become the geniuses.


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