Combating Procrastination one word at a time

Write about how you don't know what to write.

I've set a goal to write a 1000 words a day a year ago. It all started well, but then one day I just couldn't write. I wrote a few sentences but, it was no where near a thousand. So I decided that what will make me move forward will be Inspcratination.

      1. Pretending to be productive by consuming content related to your work.
      Example: "Reddit is a major source of inspcratination."

I spent time reading on the web, watching videos, doing research, all in the name of finding something interesting to write about. It didn't take long before I stopped writing and concentrated almost entirely on consuming content.

I gave up on my thousand words a day challenge.

But then one day, I just started writing again. This time, there was no challenge, no pressure, no specific goal. I could write 100 words a day if I wanted to. Or none for that matter. Because there was no pressure to write, I end up with longer pieces then before without making the effort. Without spending time in bed thinking about how I failed my goal.

If I didn't have anything to share, then there was nothing to write. But how can there not be something to share everyday in this crazy world we live in?

“When you have absolutely no idea what to write about, write about how you have absolutely no idea what to write about.”

So as long as I have something to share, you will see a blog post right here. Almost every weekday. Weekends are reserved.

It's hard to think about what people want to read. To tell you the truth, I have tried. When one of my blog post suddenly became very popular, I tried to write content in a similar matter. Somehow it never caught on.

There are a lot of things on this blog that are here solely to get a people to read it. But the blog posts that get the most traffic are those that I wrote because I felt the need to talk about it. I was writing something I can read. If you just write for your self, if no one ever reads it, you will have one person at the minimum that will enjoy it. That kind of content, is much easier to produce.


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