Don't stop working

Try n Stop me

The more I focus on one project, the more I find it appealing to start this cool new thing in the back in my head. The further I get into the technical details of this difficult task I am working on, the easier the other idea in the back of my mind seems.

Oh how easy it would be. I don't even need to start from scratch. I can just use a bunch of open source tools I have at my finger tips and in no time it will be up and running. Maybe it can even generate money faster than this boring large, tedious project I am working on right now.

If you have similar thoughts right now, please listen to me. Do not get tempted by that soothing voice. It's just temptation. The further we work on a task, any task, the harder it becomes.

Suddenly we want to give up. Of course giving up will look like failure, so instead our rational mind finds an appealing project and disguises all the difficulties it would take to build it, into motivation.

Don't cave in. Everything worth doing is difficult. I would rather work on an easier task, but that would mean abandoning everything I have built up for the past three months and start over because everything else seems easier.

Stick to your current task, even when it has become hard and boring. Everything worth fighting for becomes hard and boring at some point. This is the part where it is not romantic anymore. It is not fun. You can't even explain it to someone else before turning it into a ramble.

Take some time off, go to the beach, watch a sunset, watch a dog running in circles. Just let the down feeling pass. It will pass. It always passes away.

Then come back to work. If it is worth doing, it is worth putting off all these small tempting projects you would rather work on.


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