Don't endeavor, endure

The world is filled with wanderers endeavorers. "We tried" they said. "I tried so hard", I always say. But there are those things we do, and we don't dare use the word trying. "We did it", we say.

There is a very big difference between trying and doing. Most of the time I use the word try, it means I was standing on the side line, being careful not to immerse myself completely. Trying is done with a fearful mind. You don't want to fail so you try, you give it as little as you possibly can without entirely reaching in.

When I was desperate for a job, I didn't try to get one. I was sitting in rooms, ready to be interviewed in fields where my experience was no more than a few Google searches. When I discovered programming I didn't just try to learn, I immersed my self entirely, absorbing everything that would pass.

I tried to blog before, instead, I wrote a post here and there every couple months. I tried to improve my writing skills first before writing anything significant. When the domain name expired, I tried to renew it. I lost it. The difference with this one is that I don't just try to improve my English and writing skills, I write.

Trying is lazy. It's careful, it's secure, and I try to make those two sound bad. Security in the name of continuity is boring.

You can try to lose weight, or you can put down the damn sandwich. You can try to learn a new language or you can find someone who speaks a language you don't. You can try to build a website, or you can start creating your content. You can try to start your business, or you can start selling your product.

The word try can easily be replaced with the word "hope". You may as well be sitting on a bench in a yard, feeling the cool breeze as the last rays of the sun hit the last leaves of autumn, and then you gaze upon the stars, dreaming of all the things you may try one day. Or you can get up and get your hands dirty.

There are no pages in history for those who tried.


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