Filter your user feed back before reading it

Has someone ever told you that your product sucks? Has a customer cancelled his service because he found no use of it? Did you release your product to get feedback and your feelings were hurt? Believe it or not that's what people do and it's actually a good thing. That's the signal you will use to improve your product.

A feedback is better than no feedback at all. Even though you shouldn't listen to every single word your users have to say, it can be a very powerful tool to your success. Take some time to cry it all out, then come back and see what they are actually saying.

A feedback like "move this box 10 pixel to the right" may be completely useless, but it is a signal that you may need to revisit your layout. Just write "revisit layout" in your notes. Others may say something about fonts, colors, spacing, buttons and so on. Instead of trying to address all this one at a time, maybe you should just cross that "revisit layout" from your notes and write "Presentation" instead. Now if you are like me, a programmer, you may be having a hard time creating a user experience. Things may look very easy in your eyes, but your customers maybe having a hard time doing the most basic things with your product:

Another thing is, I designed this website so I know exactly where everything is. You wanna add a new website? Easy:

  • Just click on My Account
  • go to My Websites
  • click on Add website
  • enter the URL
  • click Add
  • add the code on your page to confirm it is your website
  • and click on the Validate button.

It made sense when I was creating that process and it still makes sense today, but that's because I designed it. Most people give up before finishing step one.

Obviously feedbacks will not be limited to the UX but I mention this one because it is one that I am currently dealing with. When people find mistakes with what you have to offer, it shouldn't be the end of it all, unless you are claiming that you are perfect. It is an opportunity to make things better, to improve on what you have already created. You just have to accept that nothing is perfect from the start; only incremental upgrades will can get it there.


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