Happy 5th Anniversary

Also my Birthday is a week away

Today, this blog is 5 years old. I started it secretly on April 1st, 2013. It wasn't something that I thoroughly planned. One day, I woke up with something to say, and in one sitting I wrote the first 5 posts. I had nowhere to post it. So I bought a domain name, built a quick CRUD engine, (which powers every website I build now) and posted them.

The rest is history... or not really.

This is not an authoritative website with a monetization strategy and a marketing plan. Here you find a collection of my musings and a few technical solutions that I keep somewhere handy. Some articles have never been read by anyone, others have been so popular that they broke down the website.

Year five is a milestone for me because I had no real guidance when I started in the world of programming. I read random things on the internet, took a class outside my curriculum, read some more random things. Somewhere in between, programming became my calling and I dropped out of college to pursue this new path for my career. And what a rewarding path it is.

I felt compelled to leave this little note here, which will probably be buried between the chaos of useful and useless things I write on the blog. If you happen to stumble upon it, I'll say thank you for reading. We all turn to the web to get answers. And from time to time, one of those answers is mine. I hope whatever you find here that it be of the greatest of use to you.

Hopefully, next time I write it will be for the 10th anniversary, and you will feel that awkwardness that you are feeling right now as I am talking to you as if I know you. Remember, a stranger is only a single step away from being a friend. If you find the time, send me a little hello at ibrahim@idiallo.com or on twitter @dialloibu.

Thank you


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