No one ever won an argument on the internet

Either you walk away, or become a troll.

You are not going to convince anyone with facts and figures. Have you heard of the climate change argument? Have you heard of internet arguments?

I have never read an arguments online that ended like this, "Wow you convinced me, I read all the links you provided and you changed my mind. I guess abortion is good."

You are not going to change anyone's mind with truths and facts. You don't believe me? Just try.

The only way to convince anyone about anything is by emotionally appealing to them. The most effective emotional appeal tool is Storytelling.

We are emotional creatures that create logical machines. But stories allow us to dream the unknown. Fiction is the most popular form of writing, not because we know it's all made up, but because there is always one little characteristic of the protagonist we can relate to.

At the heart, we just want to relate. That's how politicians gain voters. That's how Steve Jobs sold us the iPhone. That's why the Ice Bucket challenge was so successful.

Don't try to win the argument. Find a common ground where you can relate.


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