Rss is not dead, it's broken. Let's fix it.

When Google announced that Google reader will be shutting down, every tech news site or tech blog went crazy. "if Google can shut down a popular service just like that what is going to be next Gmail?", this was the mantra every one was saying on those sites. Well here is something people forgot to take into consideration, most people don't even know what Rss is.

broken rss

Follow on Twitter, like on Facebook and ... Rss

Tweeting, following, or liking can be done with a single click, subscribing to Rss feed requires a whole maneuver depending on the tool you use for it. I don't have the numbers on how many people click on those buttons but I bet the Rss feed is the lowest.

Here is an example of what you see when you click on an Rss Button

rss example

It is a very hostile page. Some browser detect Rss and render it differently but it is very confusing what the next step is. How about we make something better: A simple way that let's you follow your favorite blog or website with a single click.

Google reader was good but you had to manually add your feeds. Most of the time you have to look at the page source to find the feed. The time for a better tool is long due. Let's not build another reader, let's build real simple syndication tool.

Maybe something that resemble the current social buttons will make more sense.


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