I love your work, send me your resume

Every so often I get an email from a CEO, CTO, or someone running the show in a company. They see my blog, go through my stackoverflow, check some of my projects and they feel it is only natural to contact me. I am currently employed, but I am always open for the right offer.

Here is how the process goes. I get a nice email sent to my stackoverflow career profile saying how I could be a good addition to their company. I check the company name, see what they do, read a few glassdoor reviews, and if I am interested I check the interested box, attach a nice message, and hit send.

The next part is what turn me off. Here is the response:

Thanks for the response. If you're interested, please send over your resume for our review.

Maybe it is just me, but if you took the time to go through my blog and checked my work, then why do you need my resume. The hiring process is broken; it is the one reason I am still at my current job. There are times I really want to learn more about the company so I go on with it. But then I get questions about linked list and bubble sorts in a frontend job interview and I say thank you I will find my way out. If you are advertising a full stack php dev position then you ask me about some weird puzzles you just googled cause you don't know what else to ask then you are wasting your time and mine.

(web programming interview)
Question: You have a millions of elements in an array and you want to sort them in ascending order the most efficient way, how do you go about it?
Answer: If you have millions of elements in an array you are probably doing something wrong. Use a database, index the field to be sorted by, and let the ORDER BY clause do the job. Maybe adding a limit can help too.

You are not getting this job, but it is well worth teaching the interviewer.

Not to say that I want to be hired on the spot, but I value my time. When I contact you, I send my resume. When you contact me, it is for an interview. I reserve the right to deny you service.

Getting a job is a big commitment. You will be spending a good chunk of your day at work (for a nice paycheck hopefully). It cannot be a one way street. You are helping your employer make big bucks, and he is helping you make big bucks. Don't forget that when you get a job, you are not getting a boss. You are your own boss providing a service for a fee.

If it is said that there is a shortage of good developers, it is true. There is a shortage of developers:

This is turning into a rant, so I will stop now... I may bring my resume on an interview but I am not sending you my resume.


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