Here is why I love PHP

Saying you love PHP these days is something most people simply keep to them self. You don't have to go on Google and type "Why php sucks" to figure it out. It's one of those things everyone agreed upon and you will be lucky to ride a full eleven story building in an elevator without hearing someone saying why he hates PHP. Well my experience so far beg to differ. I won't call myself an expert but when I am developing using php, the language is rarely the obstacle. Plus the learning curve is basically a straight line.

I recently had a project in mind and I had no idea how to get started and this gets me excited. It took me just over a couple days to come up with a working prototype. There was not a second spent thinking how is this done using php. Maybe I was not using the most optimal way to solve the problem but I once heard that premature optimization is the root of all evil. With PHP or any language you are familiar with (for some you have to be very very familiar with), you find a problem, you come up with a solution, and coding is just about how fast you can type.

Like in any language, there comes a time you realize the tool you are using are not the best for the problem you are trying to solve. Maybe for that particular issue you will need to use Ruby (I doubt it). But at least with PHP I know that I can go very far, like really really far before I decide that this part needs to be written in a more appropriate language. I got lucky to start learning PHP early on before reading much about how horrible it is. Maybe because I am a disorganized learner and the language cater to me but for me it is a tool that works.

So unless you are trying to run something as complex as OpenGl maybe you can try to code it using php, but then again you can also try your OpenGl project with php.


Greg :

Refreshing to see some good things about PHP for a change.

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