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During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), I spend most of the day on YouTube looking for new game trailers. It's exciting to watch upcoming games and the cool new graphics. Yes, I am a sucker for graphics. I also like to watch these videos in the highest quality possible and hopefully without any ads. Trailers are already ads so I would like to watch my ads without pre-rolling ads please.

Unfortunately with that many eyes on YouTube during the event, plenty of people download the trailers for the sole purpose of re-uploading them on their own channel to get views. Most of the time these re-uploaded videos are in lower quality. Every time I encounter these kind of choppy videos slapped with ads and an annoying intro and outro, the first thing I want to do is Mark them as duplicate.

On, when someone asks a question that has already been answered, users can mark the question as duplicate. This guides the asking person to answers already present on Stackoverflow and everyone is happy (sorta).

I always thought it would be cool to have this same feature on YouTube, where I can simply mark a video as duplicate and the rest of the community can quickly find the original video. Since I don't work at YouTube and can't change their source code, I thought a browser extension should do the job.


YouDupe is a browser extension that can identify videos as original or duplicates. It is currently available on Google Chrome and Firefox.

YouDupe - YouTube deduper

When you browse a video that has been marked as duplicate, the word [Duplicate] appears next to the title and a box appears below with a link to the original video.

Mark Video as Duplicate

You can also contribute when you find a video that seems to be a duplicate. Under the video title, the option to suggest an original is displayed.

Suggest a video for the original

For now videos are placed in a queue where they are reviewed before being accepted as duplicate or original. The goal is to have the entire process to be handled by the community.

Download YouDupe on your favorite browser today:


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