When a fire ravages a city



When the fire is put out, the people who once lived in these ruins come back to assess the damages. They see their family home destroyed. They see their apartment and all its content leveled to the ground. And most importantly, they see each other.

When nature strikes, people have this unrelenting ability to stand up together. As a community. They can put their differences aside and work together to rebuild.

But what happens when the fire was not of natural cause. What if some people lit the city on fire. What if people died in the fire. All of the sudden, this spirit of community is gone.

The fire may have been put out, but the resentment stays. The city may rebuild in time, but suspicion stays. Trust is thrown out the window. Everyone knows that their next-door neighbor is capable of lighting the city on fire once more. The city will never be the same again.

This is what Donald Trump did to America. Even if he loses, he already lit people's mind on fire. He turned people against each other. He dismantled the trust people once had towards one another. He damaged the country's ideals for his own gain.

A Biden presidency may roll a few of the laws back, but the damage has already been done. You cannot make people forget. America lost a limb. All it can do now is learn to live as an amputee.