The Perfect Application



Every time I want to start a project, I look for the perfect project tracker I could use. There are hundreds of To-Do apps in the market, but I can never find the one for me. I tried using Trello but haven't logged in for more than a year. I've even tried Jira, I can't get myself to log in.

But I have managed to complete many projects without ever finding a solution to my problem. It is this time of year again, and I am finding myself returning to my same trusted temporary solution. I always end with "OK, I'll put everything in a text file until I figure out the best solution." After so many years, simple .txt files are what I have been relying on to track my time and projects.

Maybe someday I'll find the best tool for the job. But for now, I can rely on a simple text file that is easily searchable to track my time.

If you find yourself with the same dilemma, trust in simplicity. Some day you will find the right software, for now save your thoughts in a simple text file.