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Ibrahim Diallo

December 2017

Machine Learning Ads are the Future

Machine Learning Ads are the Future

Machine learning powered ads are here to stay. I'm not endorsing it in any way, but I see its ultimate power over any other method currently in use. And I fear this is how it is going to stay for at least the near future.

Just In Time Nudging

Just In Time Nudging

Have you ever wondered how amazon always seems to know what you want to order? The way those recommendations just pop up after you purchase an item and it is a must have product? The same thing happens when you think of a person and suddenly they appear on your Facebook list of people you may know. Type only two characters on google search and it will complete it with the full query you were thinking about. This is the state of technology today. It is powerful enough to kind of predict our next move.

JS Tip of the day

How to use pushState without breaking the back button

I find it very annoying when I use an instant search field and each key I press creates a new state. What this means every single time I hit the back button, it…