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Ibrahim Diallo

March 2018

What programming style should I follow

What programming style should I follow

There is a story about a man who was walking around all day with his donkey. At mid day he was tired and decided to nap under a tree. Only, when he looked in his bag, he had forgotten the rope to tie the donkey to the tree. If he slept, he risked waking up to a missing donkey. A stranger passing-by saw his frustration. "Why don't you pretend to tie the donkey with an invisible rope?" the stranger said. "The donkey will not know the difference." So the man, who was too tired, followed the stranger's advice and fell asleep. To his surprise, when he woke up, the donkey was still there by the tree. He then decided to continue on his journey, but the donkey wouldn't move. Try as he may, the donkey just refused to move. So he went around the tree, untied the invisible rope, and the donkey finally followed.

Show a loading bar when the page is loading

Show a loading bar when the page is loading

I was working on a web app recently and I noticed that every time I clicked on a link, I couldn't tell if the next page was loading or not. On desktop browsers it was obvious enough with the browser queue, but not so much on mobile. So I decided to add a loading bar to let the user know.

JS Tip of the day

How to use pushState without breaking the back button

I find it very annoying when I use an instant search field and each key I press creates a new state. What this means every single time I hit the back button, it…