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Ibrahim Diallo

July 2019

Book update: Just Fired

Book update: Just Fired

On August of 2018, I publicly announced that I am writing a book. Saying it out loud was a relief. It wasn't the first time I make this decision. In fact I even have a couple books written and filed in the bottom of a dusty box inside an obscure closet. From time to time, I mention them in passing only to dismiss the whole work as a hobby. There is a reason why I can't publish those books. I can never remember what they are about until I start reading them over.

Google Results: Ad or Organic Content?

Google Results: Ad or Organic Content?

Sometimes, I want to prove a point. I'm in the middle of an argument with a friend and Google is the ultimate decider of who is right or who is wrong. Each armed with our phones, we formulate a query that Google gladly completes, and then we click on that first result.

JS Tip of the day

When to use Object.hasOwnProperty

In JavaScript, everything is an object. This is amazing because you never have to ask yourself if something is an object. The answer is always Yes. Let's look a…