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Ibrahim Diallo

July 2019

Book update: Just Fired

Book update: Just Fired

On August of 2018, I publicly announced that I am writing a book. Saying it out loud was a relief. It wasn't the first time I make this decision. In fact I even have a couple books written and filed in the bottom of a dusty box inside an obscure closet. From time to time, I mention them in passing only to dismiss the whole work as a hobby. There is a reason why I can't publish those books. I can never remember what they are about until I start reading them over.

Google Results: Ad or Organic Content?

Google Results: Ad or Organic Content?

Sometimes, I want to prove a point. I'm in the middle of an argument with a friend and Google is the ultimate decider of who is right or who is wrong. Each armed with our phones, we formulate a query that Google gladly completes, and then we click on that first result.

JS Tip of the day

Using a progress bar to load assets

It's inevitable. Images take a longer time to load then anything else on your page. If you are trying to load an image gallery for example, you have to give the…