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Ibrahim Diallo

June 2019

Digitalocean and AWS IPs banned in Russia

Digitalocean and AWS IPs banned in Russia

On May 22nd, I received a message on twitter telling me that my blog was down. I tried to open the website on my phone and saw that it was in fact down. I was on my way to work and I had to wait until I get access to my computer to diagnose the problem. When I got to work, it was an extremely busy day, I couldn't go through my logs to figure out what the issue was. So, I restarted my Digital Ocean Droplet and the website came back online. Mission accomplished!

Casually spying on users

Casually spying on users

As a web developer, I always add Google Analytics tracking scripts to the projects I work on. If you want to know where your users are coming from, and how they behave on your website, GA is an excellent tracker. Building the same thing in-house, even if it's a subset, will require months of development. But even GA isn't enough sometimes. At my startup, we decided to go one level deeper to understand exactly what users where doing. We used mouseflow.

JS Tip of the day

Optimization: Minimize look-ups in for loops.

In JavaScript, like in many other languages a loop can be defined in many ways. The standard of course is the for-loop, the while loop, or do while loop. They a…