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Ibrahim Diallo

March 2022

CSS sucks because we don't bother learning it.

CSS sucks because we don't bother learning it.

Every time I hear someone complaining about how much CSS sucks, I have one question: Did you ever learn CSS? The words want to burst out of my lips but I stay silent and keep to myself. When I was much greener in this field, I used to ask the question. What I noticed is that no one was willing to change their mind. CSS sucked, it was designed by some terrible people, and now we have no choice but to maintain it. The reality is, you can say that about pretty much every programming language. Though people like to point out that CSS is not one. But do we ever set time to learn CSS?

Dear recruiters, don't ghost me

Dear recruiters, don't ghost me

“Everyone in the office agrees, you are pretty cool.” That's the text message I got after the call. At that point, I had the confidence to work for this fortune 10 company. Sure, I had already failed the technical assessment 6 months prior, but this time, it was going to be different. We exchanged phone numbers, we sent text messages and memes. We communicated in the off hours. This was not your typical recruiter interaction. But I did not expect it to end like a romantic break-up.

JS Tip of the day

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token

This is a common error in JavaScript, and it is hard to understand at first why it happens. But if you bear with me and remember that Bugs are a good thing you …