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Ibrahim Diallo

March 2023

You also don't need a new laptop

You also don't need a new laptop

Going through an inventory of my electronic devices last year, I noticed that I did not own a PC. At least not one in the traditional sense: A tower humming under my desk. I do have a few Raspberry PIs scattered throughout the house. I also realized that my smartphone was 6 years old. What I failed to notice at the time was that my main laptop, an Asus Zenbook UX501V, the one I use to write these blog posts, is from 2016. And it still kicks ass!

I thought they hired me to write code

I thought they hired me to write code

"So, is everyone losing their minds yet?" My ex-coworker asked me over yahoo messenger. He quit after getting enraged by new work policies that specifically targeted him. I looked up from my screen, glancing into the next row where his old team were silently working on their respective machines. His old monitor had been taken away. His tower was sitting on the now open office desk, collecting its first coat of dust.

JS Tip of the day

Optimization: Minimize look-ups in for loops.

In JavaScript, like in many other languages a loop can be defined in many ways. The standard of course is the for-loop, the while loop, or do while loop. They a…