How do you contact the owner of a car?

Use ottomon

Right in front of you is a car. You need to contact the owner of this car right away. Your reasons could be that it is blocking the way, or the lights are on, or it is about to get towed. You need to let the owner know right away. But there is just no way for you to contact them.

How do you contact the owner of a car? I have a solution, use ottomon. But first, let's see what are the current solutions.

No easy solutions

If a car is blocking, let's say, your garage door, you can't get out. You have to find the owner. If you are in an apartment complex, you may start by standing in the middle the yard and just yell. Yell the vehicle make, the model and the color. If no one answers, maybe you can scream the car's license plate number. If you are lucky, the owner will shamefully come down running and move his car. If not, well the other option is to get it towed.

Towing is an annoyance. First of all, if you are already at your garage door, it means you were ready to leave. Calling a tow truck means having to wait for the tow truck to arrive. Now you are going to be super late to wherever you were going. If the owner of the car comes in before the tow truck arrives, there are chances you will be charged a fee for the ordeal. Tow truck drivers tow cars for a living.

If you want to contact the owner of a car for other reasons, like letting them know they left their window down, or they didn't turn off their headlights or anything to help them, well, use ottomon. Otherwise, there is no way to contact them.

Well, there is another way. But by the time you get their information, days or weeks may have passed. The DMV makes it not very convenient to contact the owner of a vehicle, and you'll also have to pay a fee. The quickest way, is to use ottomon.

What is this ottomon thing anyway?

ottomon, your favorite object tagger

Ottomon is the new company I've been working on. It is a simple way of making non internet connected objects like cars, bikes, or backpacks, communicate information. Add an ottomon tag (ottotag) to your car, and now people can communicate with you about your car.

Find a car in distress? Scan the ottotag and contact the owner immediately.

Are you like me and love to forget your belongings anywhere you sit for more than five minutes? Tag those belongings and anyone that finds them can help you get them back. Tag your car keys, house keys, backpack, bicycle, or anything you want.

So one more time, how do you contact the owner of a car? The answer is ottomon. You use


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