Smart glasses don't solve any problem

You can use your phone instead.

You have probably seen Google glass amazing plane jump by now. I know i was impressed too, I was wondering how in the world are they getting fast internet all the way up there. All google glass videos are pretty well made and show how it is used in every day life. The same goes for GlassUp which shows a more affordable alternative but still impressive. After the fad of how cool it is goes away though you realize one thing: Smart Glasses are not solving any problem really.

Smart Glass

Everything you want or can do with with smart glass can be done with your phone and very conveniently. Finding recipes on your phone, setting up an appointment, checking your messages, and all these things we do from our phones can be done very fast. You can find direction while your driving without even touching your phone. Your smart phone can be easily tucked in your pocket, take pictures, record video, play games, make phone call and do many more things without breaking a sweat. I can go on forever on the problems that smart phone solve but let's end it here.

Not that I find smart glasses useless but I think they are not going anywhere; they are simply taking problems that are already solved and playing around with them without really coming up with a better solution. Google was smart to release it as a beta product for developers to test, because if it came out, even with a bunch of apps it wouldn't be a killer product like the iPhone or any other successful product.

Maybe I am completely wrong and when they will become mainstream, but until then I think they are just like a popular app on the phone.


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