Timewarner slows down youtube and censor all information about it

I switched from AT&T to Timewarner for my Internet connection at home. Yes, AT&T is very slow in my area and any upgrade is terribly expensive. This whole week, I was browsing YouTube and it was painfully slow. I know that YouTube is not slow, it's Timewarner that is throttling. This is not news. But! I know that google has a page that tells you how it's not their fault, it's the ISP. Well, you can't access this page on Timewarner.

Time warner censor

Timewarner says this page does not exist.

Yes, Timewarner says this page does not exist. In a hurry, I didn't want to setup a proxy. I just went straight to anonymouse.org and typed the same URL. This is what I got.

Page exists

From anonymouse.org

Page exists

The rest of the internet says this page does exist.

This is messed up. Not only they slow down your Internet, but they make sure they censor the information that says they are doing it.

Timewarner, You suck!

Wait, wait! I'm not done. Here is the real problem. In my apartment, I have the option of Timewarner or AT&T. That's it! I can't go back to AT&T. No one can go back to 1.5mbps for $40. So I am stuck with Timewarner. I can't even vote with my dollar.

Timewarner, you suck!

PS: Who knows, maybe you can't even read this page if you are on timewarner.


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