Writing less and less code

The more experience I get, the less code I write. I am not saying this because now I write better quality code, but because I find it less necessary to write code. The deeper I get into it I realize that most programming is less about coding and more about solving a problem. You may be thinking well you need to write code to solve a problem but bear with me for a moment.

There is always someone who can improve your code.

I don't call myself an expert because the most elegant solutions I find is dwarfed by the rock star developers I work with. This is not a complain to say I need to improve my code, it is actually a success cause when you work in a team it is more about the result then the process. I provide a blue print for the CompScis and Phds to start and they create optimized code from there.

This does not only apply to working with a team. I work on my own projects and I find my self coding less and less, not because I am slacking but because the solution to my problems I face are mostly solved by sharing it and hearing different perspectives from different people.

The code part becomes trivial. If you can solve a problem with words, coding it is just about how fast you can type.


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